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Friday, March 23, 2007


Yahoo GUI Library For Ajax Development

Yahoo GUI library has a rich set of controls for web development.

"The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. The YUI Library also includes several core CSS resources. All components in the YUI Library have been released as open source under a BSD license and are free for all uses."

See the page http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/

You may download the Yahoo UI library from http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/download/

For example, see the Menu control in Yahoo UI library - http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/menu/index.html

Using this menu object model, the menu library allows users to implement cool menus in their web pages


Monday, March 19, 2007


Enhancing your Blog With Google Ajax API Wizards

Google Ajax API Wizards provide a unique way to add enhanced functionality to your blog and websites.

Some Ajax API Wizards are

See http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/wizards.html



Snap Search Engine - Search The Web 2.0 Way

Snap is a very innovate search engine, with a cool Ajax interface. The major features of Snap include

Here you see the snap website, displaying result of search 'Web 2.0' - and for each link, it will also display the preview or 'snap' of the home page.

The image search is even better. You'll see a list of images on left, and you may click on an image to view it's preview on right.

Here is Snap displaying the results of one of my image searches. Cool.


Saturday, March 17, 2007


Web 2.0 In Action

See Web 2.0 In Action.



Web 2.0 In Short

What's the future of the internet? Blogging, MySpace,Wikipedia, we, the internet users, are taking over



Web 2.0 Tools

Using the Web 2.0 write up in Wikipedia this video is to help teach educators about Web 2.0 tools



What is Web 2.0

A couple of weeks ago Michael Arrington got together with a number of startup CEOs and executives to video a discussion about Web 2.0.

The topics discussed included:



Web 2.0 - Wiki



Web 2.0 - Videos



Web 2.0 - Text



Web 2.0 - Tags



Web 2.0 - Statistics



Web 2.0 - Software



Web 2.0 - Search



Web 2.0 - RSS



Web 2.0 - Projects



Web 2.0 - ECommerce



Web 2.0 - Design



Web 2.0 - CRM



Web 2.0 - Community



Web 2.0 - Communication



Web 2.0 - Comix



Web 2.0 - Catalogues



Web 2.0 - Collaboration



Web 2.0 - Chat



Web 2.0 - Calendar



Web 2.0 - Bookmarking



Web 2.0 - Blogging


Friday, March 16, 2007


Web 2.0 - Audio



Web 2.0 Websites - Flat List

Move your mouse over any link to preview it

Gmail - "Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that includes more than 2,500 megabytes (2.5 gigabytes) of storage. The backbone of Gmail is a powerful Google search engine that quickly finds any message an account owner has ever sent or received. That means there's no need to file messages in order to find them again."

Flickr - Flickr is a new ways of organizing photos. It is the best way to make you photos available.

Wikipedia - An community-driven encyclopedia wiki.

del.icio.us - Use del.icio.us to "keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, restaurant reviews, and more on del.icio.us and access them from any computer on the web; share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues..."

listible - This is a website that... well I'll let you figure it out on your own.

Digg - "Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do."

Last.fm - A music engine based on a massive collection of Music Profiles. Each music profile belongs to one person, and describes their taste in music. Last.fm uses these music profiles to make personalized recommendations, match you up with people who like similar music, and generate custom radio stations for each person.

Pandora - music... put in Bob marley and pandora plays simular music like ben harper, jimmy cliff and more. This site is blowing me away.

Famundo - Famundo is a new concept in family and organizational management that helps families and organizations concentrate on the important things, by removing the barriers to scheduling and communication within the family and the community they belong to. The service is FREE for organizations.

Writely - "Writely allows you to edit documents online with whomever you choose, and then publish and blog them online. Supports Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text formats."

iGlobeCity - iHome - Use iHome to bookmark and share your favorite links, access your favorite links throught Member Home Page or directly from browser, access your computer through iHome's dynamic ip address mapping. and more...

People Search - People Search Engine

Socialweb Guide - List of german Web2.0 sites in Digg style. Users are able to rate and submit more german socialweb sites.

Technorati - Technorati is the authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs.

Socialweb News - News about business, trends and development in german socialweb / web2.0 market. Users are able to submit new news.

Commutal - Commutal enables local and trade business groups to create online news communities to share press releases and news announcements, events, blogs, and other media content. Commutal is designed for existing business and organization communities such as audiences of popular blogs and publications, Chambers of Commerce, trade associations, conference organizers, community groups, and business networks.

Grupthink - Grūpthink is a new way to ask and explore open-ended topics with the rest of the world. Anyone can post a topic or open-ended question at Grūpthink. Here's where it gets even more interesting: Anyone can add new responses to questions and topics, and those answers can be voted on by everyone else.

Uvouch.com - Uvouch.com features a powerful user-driven search engine that scours the web looking for the videos and websites you desire. A dynamic Web 2.0 interface lets you instantly add videos and website links to your account, that allows you to organize them using type (public or private), tags and categories. Uvouch.com captures the meta tags of videos and web sites to track relevant information and allow you to access those videos and sites directly from your Uvouch.com portal. Add notes and comments to the videos and links you collect so that you can remember why you collected them and find them easily in the future.

Inserit - It's a great codeless CMS. It lets you integrate dynamic contents into any web design. Currently offering a free blog module.

PicFindr: search the free-stock-photosphere - PicFindr finds photos and images you can use in your commercial (for money) projects. It searches several popular (and not-so-popular) free stock photo sites simultaneously and combines the results into a single page.

Bloodee - Web 2.0 meet horror fans - Digg-like social bookmarking system for horror news only.

Excites - a social bookmarking service, see what excites other members.

Doing it yourself - Seeing websites online makes you wonder how these people, company and business go about having their own websites. The things that are put into these sites appear so complicated that you may think it takes a lot of time and knowledge to be able to go about having your own site.

meebo - Instant Messaging on your web browser. Supports AIM/ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber/GTalk, and MSN.

30Boxes - Easy to use calendar service that lets you import rss data and share your schedule.

OpenID - works with zooomer schtuff and livejournal its an Open Identity you use a url (with the url going to an auth page with username/password of course) based identity that you or someone else hosts meaning there are multiple providers and alot of it is opensource (unlike yahoo or microsoft in which you are dependent on them

QuestionForm - QuestionForm is online survey builder tool. With drag-and-drop, in-place editing, creating professional online surveys has never been so simple.

GeoCaster - Images and Videos of My World - GeoCasters are persons who publish images and videos relative to their geographical position on the internet.

Bessed - Human-powered search engine built on WordPress allows users to comment on search results.

What Should I Say? - Know it all? Prove it. What Should I Say is a new question and answers site that uses YUI, JSON, and other libraries to subtly use Ajax throughout.

Create a Google Sitemap for your Web Site - Google Sitemaps is a simple and fast way for your site to be constantly indexed and updated by Google. This article will discuss the benefits of implementing this new technology, who should use it, how it works and how to create a Google Sitemap for your web site.

Internet TV Search Engine - Community powered Search Engine for live tv webcasts, online videos, podcasts, online tv guids etc.

all4RSS - RSS Verzeichnis - Directory of German RSS-Feeds

Zettels - Zettels is a web memo note box, which offers excellent functions suitable for the collection of quotations and creating reference lists. Often a Word Document is too complicated and difficult to organize when dealing with such matters. A personal memo note box affords many advantages such as those pointed out by the renowned sociologist Niklas Luhmann in his publication: Kommunikation mit Zettelkästen. (Communication with Note Boxes)

Yedda - Yedda is a free service that connects people looking for knowledge with people who have the knowledge. **Ask, Answer and Explore.** Yedda automatically matches questions & answers to your personal profile, and sends personal invitations to answer selected questions that match your interests, knowledge and preferences.

Wikispaces - Wikis for everyone

Resizr.com - Original Resizr.com image resizing tool. Supports input and output in JPG, GIF, and PNG formats. Allows for image rotation as well. Note: there are two tools names Resizr.

Infectious Videos - Infectious Videos is a video sharing site that allows you to embed you favourite videos from across the web. It has a 50-50 revenue share system that gives you 50% of advertising impressions - using your own google adsense account.

SynapseLife - "SynapseLife is a collection of 8 free web based applications including People, Calendar, Broadcast, Lists, Ledger, Favorites, Feeds, and Tags. Account sign ups are free and all the applications are accessible from any mobile device."

ResizR - Free online image resizer. From hard drive or from web.

SurfNinja.com - A collection of the best sites on the web. A place to search when you don't know exactly what you are looking for. Vote, drag & Drop and save your favorite icons in place.

AnswerU - AnswerU is a student powered and governed platform where university-specific knowledge can be found in a well organized, user-friendly site. You can post questions and receive multiple answers quickly which have been reviewed, commented upon and ranked by your community of university peers. Once your question has been answered, it is added to the AnswerPedia where it is available for future users. If you are looking to explore your university, click around a bit and see some of the ways that others at your school have used AnswerU.

Web 2.0 Ecommerce Stores - Ecommerce store software includes a built in, state-of-the-art, feature rich platform developed with Web merchants and Web storefront users in mind. Each Web 2.0 store is designed to make displaying, selling and shipping products as simple and easy as possible. Our 2.0 features and SEO friendly designs keep your store users AND search engine bots coming back.

Jotlet Calendar - "Jotlet is the easiest way to manage your busy life. Organize and share to-do items, important events, meetings, due dates and even bills."

Stuff a Blog - This webapp makes it easy for a blogger to create content-rich blog posts. Just type in your keywords, select your content, and get the HTML in a snap. So, you can enrich your plain vanilla blog-post with relevant content available in the net.

Congratulations - This is a great list. I use some resources from this list and I am happy!

minutesinaminute - this unique service allows organisations to keep track of information from meetings. Keep track of agendas, and minutes. Easily track actions to be followed up on. Invite members, track attendance, and print minutes or agendas.

Picato - Share pictures of cats or kittens - Picato is a site for sharing pictures of your cat. You can browse pictures of other cats or view their profiles. Pictures can be categorized, organized and sorted by tags.

Hawkee Technology Social Network - Social Networking, Code Sharing, Social Shopping, Image Uploads and Tech Forum

PickStation - "A collaborative music station where users submit and vote for tracks to promote them to the front page"

glorum - Tag-based message board. No categories. No moderators.

PiXPO - Broadcast an online video site in minutes

The Web 2.0 Toolbar - The functionality of some of the top web 2.0 sites inone browser toolbar.

Golfscoretracker - Join a growing community of golfers who store and analyse their golf rounds and golf handicap online. Golfscoretracker allows users to create groups and events online and contact other golfers.

10Duke - 10Duke's Mediaface is a cool and free way to include streaming video in your website, blog, community profile or ebay listing.

DotSpirit - Online file storage and sharing powered by phpNavigator featuring: 10GB disk space, multi-users, drag & drop multiple files/folders. Available in English and French. Free trial available.

TheKBase Web - A multiple-hierarchical information manager, or a "hierarchical notepad on steroids." It lets you organize information via a simple Windows Explorer-type interface with a text editor (tree on the left side, text on the right). Kbases consist of bits of information or "snippets." Each snippet has a title, text, icon, etc. Each snippet may contain one or more snippets, much like folders in a file system. The "twist" is that snippets may also be contained by more than one snippet. It's a simple concept but its applications -- academic, business, personal, social -- are limitless. Kbases may be shared with other uses for a true collaborative experience. TheKBase Web is a free application.

new web 2.0 site , ewidi.com - a new web2.0 tool, http://www.ewidi.com , 26 languages, publishing, searching and interacting features, no personal data used, free, privacy and anonimity guaranteed , dynamic permalinks, etc, all best

Annologger - "Easily post and publish announcements of upcoming events and for others to get that info easily. It doesn't matter whether you're anti-social or even unpopular, everyone has things going in their lives"

News2.ru - Russian Digg analog

mojbiznes.pl - Polish, business, education, technology and work orientated digg clone

Tall Street - Tall Street is a Social Recommendations Engine with a fair way of ranking results, because they are ranked by you. Sign Up and trade the search results like a stock market. Make recommendations and help out your favourite websites by making investments in them.

Moneytrackin' - Moneytrackin' is a free service to track your personal finances in an easy way. It provides a lot of tools for analisys and social capabilities to share budgets with people who spends money with you

adgridwork - adgridwork is 'The World's First Free Advertising Network.' Promote your website, blog or business on the Ad Network by helping to serve other users' advertisements. Think Bittorent for Advertising!

Web 2.0 Search Engine - Simply search for a keyword of what your wish to make or work with to see the tools available (example search links: mashups, blogging, viral videos, clipart, designing, social tagging, AJAX apps, file storage/sharing, RSS feeds, anti-spam tools, CSS layout generators, image editors, webmaster tools, calculators, file conversions, blog (URL) submits, web APIs, tutorials, etc).

clickdensity - clickdensity records the position of every click on a page, building up a Heat Map of visitor activity. It also provides user behavior analysis, segmentation and tracking. Together with a host of other functionality (including A/B Testing), clickdensity will transform your approach to usability and information architecture.

Rockyou - Leading slideshow and personalized widget provider among MySpace users and other social networks.

i89.us - Web 2.0 style social bookmarking website. Soon introducing video and photo bookmarking

Badged - Badged.net lets you add your favorite social networking badges to your blog or web site. Simply create your badges and put the line of code where you want them to appear.

mon.itor.us - http://mon.itor.us is a free website monitoring service with Ajax personlizable desktop interface. Provide much more that you would expect from a free service.

Blog Header Image (Title Bar) - Make personalized title image bars for your blog.

Yuku - The forum/blog/image host + social network

TheBroth - TheBroth is a new mosaic-like artform that's global and collaborative. Each room uses 1000 tiles that can be positioned freely as you play simultaneously with other users in the same room.

AjaxPR.com - Similar to www.ajaxwhois.com, but provides pagerank and additional information.

Raising Then - A parenting social network: meet parents near or far, create or join a playgroup or a mom's group, participate in parenting forums, create events or classifieds, and share thoughts in a collaborative blog.

Karmadu - Karmadu allows you to give â??karma pointsâ? as thanks for good things that others do for you in the real world. For example I can see how my karma score compares to others at school, to people who like the same movies, who live in the same areaâ?¦anything you want. You can â? jump onâ?? karma (vote for the best karma) and see which actions are the most karma-worthy. You can send points and check your profile over the web or by using text messaging from your cell phone. You can join by clicking â??joinâ? on the top menu.

Human powered topical search - Thanksgiving - Search only topically related sites, arrange the order of results, tag results and suggest more sites

DigaList - Digalist is a global personal lists website. We all have kinds of lists, about life, work, dreams etc. Have you ever wished to dig out all these treasure and share them with others? In digalist, you can dig your lists out and share with the whole world, or dig on your favorite lists posted by others.

MyMediaRoom - MyMediaRoom is your platform to tell your story in an organized and professional way. With a media room you can sell yourself as an expert with press releases, articles, your blog, and more, and manage your own personal mediasphere of influence.

Color Generator - GenoPal Online - GenoPal is the fastest growing color generation and selection software, with 1.8million downloads 3 months into launching. It recently launched a free online version so come and see how you can generate sophisticated color scheme for your design work like an expert.

1 Day Career - 1 Day Career is the first "quick" social network. It's not a classic social network as you know it already. You are to be a Big Boss and see your friends work hard. It's possible to buld a network in a few minutes and make a quick career. Explore the strategy to make a career in one day.

atoolo - atoolo.com ist eine deutschsprachige Internet-Plattform, die registrierten Nutzern kostenlos einen virtuellen Desktop, verschiedene Software-Werkzeuge sowie ein Weblaufwerk mit einem Gigabyte Online-Speicherplatz zur Verfügung stellt.

ByTheWorld: have fun promoting your website (and it's free!) - In ByTheWorld.com you can explore a super-big world map and link websites to sectors of the World. It's a cool website promotion service. If it succeds, current owners will have a chance to get rich!

Fenopy: Web 2.0 Torrent Engine - Title says it all :] .

Webmunism - "Part search engine, part multimedia gallery, Webmunism is a new service for finding online pictures, videos, albums, and knowledge, all united into self-organizing categories."

DueSpaghi - Italian restaurant review and tagging

mapdango - View Classified Listings on a Map! - mapdango combines the Vast.com API with the Google Maps API to provide a way for users to view classified search listings on a map. Users can view cars, jobs, vacation rentals, and personals as a list or on a map.

Your forecast to FIFA World Cup 2006 - Pretty nice site to make your own prediction to a coming football (soccer) World Cup. Web 2.0 attributes: Javascript/Ajax driven prediction sheet, "Forecast field" (allusion to "tag cloud"), different CSS-designs based on colors of favorite team

MyAdSource - MyAdSource provides an unparalleled technology that utilizes the access and search-ability of the Internet, combined with the scope and reach of print classified ads. This state-of-the-art tool allies print periodicals across the nation to combat the ever-growing threat of online classified ad systems. Through this network of interconnected publishers, MyAdSource provides consumers the ability to search online and print classifieds on a local, state and global basis.

StreamDrive - Streamdrive spiders video files from xml feeds. Channels can then be created via searches and watched via pc or Xbox media center. Users can submit new feeds to be spidered.

Decilogratis.com - Decilogratis.com is the only site where you can write all what you want, directly online to be read by everybody, and totally free! For example, you may write what you think about something, what you are looking for buying or selling, a secret you want to share, or just tell to your girl/boyfriend how much you love her/him!

ReviewsNest Guitar Lessons Reviews - In-Depth reviews of guitar lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons etc.

Digital Review - Write a review about anything - people, places, things, ideas, events - in a wiki-style format. Looks like it just launched.

web2logo - Logo view of web2list.com

MyOtherDrive.com - MyOtherDrive provides Internet users the ability to store online and share videos, music, photos - any file. The site provides each user with 5GB of storage space that can be selectively shared. Unlike other online storage sites, MyOtherDrive allows you to upload files in bulk (not one by one like so many sites do). The uploaded files can be any size (up to 2GB). The site allows the user to create groups and share their folders selectively to these groups (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) . You can define as many groups as necessary and friends can be placed in more than one group. Coming soon - content tagging and search capabilities.

Wikibooks - Great collection of books, that you can modify if you want to improve them! Books range from very technical books on programming languages to a text on how to escape from a headlock. You never know when you'll need this information!

Scuttle - With Scuttle you can store, share and tag your bookmarks. It is similar to del.icio.us, but is based on an open-source project licensed under the GNU General Public License. This means you can host it on your own web server for free, whether it is on the Internet, a private network or just your own computer.

Research Collaboration - A social Research Collaboration Tool to bring university students around the world to collaborate research in a simple manner.

Feed Shark - Easily ping and submit your blog, RSS feed, or podcast to over 35 popular services for free.

wecheese.com - VEry Powerfull social network system. GReat DeSign too. here is what is posted on the site :"Wecheese.com philosophy is based on 10 years of human behavior research. We created a website that helps people connect, in the most natural way, through their everyday life. Experience the Originality and the Power of our system for yourself." I really like this Site.

FunAdvice - "FunAdvice is a question answer community that allows you to earn money by asking questions, make friends, and syndicate your content to your blog with easy to use widgets"

Political Campaign Software - Fundraising, accounting and voter contact tools designed particularly for political campaigns -- used by over 800 campaigns throughout the US.

Topicalizer - Topicalizer is a text analysis, topic extraction and keyword analysis tool. Based on methods of computational linguistics it provides various analyses for a given URL or plain text. These comprise, amongst others, language recognition, lexical density, keywords, collocations, word and phrase frequencies, readability and a short abstract. Topicalizer also is able to find similar pages according to the keywords it has extracted from a document. Moreover, Topicalizer provides an API for use by external applications.

50 Online Tools Made By SirSeek.com - Many tools from DNS lookups to ROT13 encryption/decryption.

onelurv - password manager, log into websites with one click - Online password manager, one-click access to any web account without typing any password.

BusyTonight - Search for any event in the United States, by keyword, location, and date. Event listings are automatically crawled and updated from original source web sites.

Local Business Network - Local Online Business Network where business can interact with other businesses as well as members in their city. Integrated website designs and more.

Chaamp - A social news site for sports fans. Users submit, rate, and discuss sports related content from all over the world.

bannercache - Upload, comment on and rate Shockwave, gif, and jpeg banners. Great for developers looking for feedback on their banner creations.

com.pendio.us - A forum rewrite using the latest ideas of web development as its basis. Converse with others in a free form tag forum.

I Make Mistakes.com - Do you make mistakes? Of course you do.

dealspl.us - social-bookmarking shopping site

9 Rules - 9Rules highlights the best web content and packages it in one site via categorisation. Member writers are only allowed in through a tight set of rules. Topics range from interface design and technology, to business, humor, and many others.

Kreeti.com - A place where one can put up your jokes, recipes, stories, and verses, which can then be rated and commented on by other people.

Bring a Link! - Same sort of concept as listible just you better have a link on hand to get into the party!

SayOutLoud - web 2.0 community forums

Litha-Paint - The feature reachest AJAX-based vector image editor. Draw, store and publish your vector images using only a plain browser enabled with JavaScript. No more Flash, SVG or VML on the browser!

Give your friends Deep Quote - Create links to specific quotes on the Web. Enter a quote and the URL of a page containing the quote and get a link that highlights the quote you entered and never expires.

Questionize.com - Cool question & answer website. Share your wisdom...!

megaSocial.com - Stay Connected with family, friends and community; share thoughts, news, events, files and photos. Blog with strong privacy control features.

CrispyNews.com - They provide the software and hosting for you to build your own community news site (like digg) for free AND they let you earn money from your own ads.

Books Well Read - Free online book journal designed for bookworms who want to share their reflections, learn from others, get book recommendations (subscribe to feeds), students who want to take notes, and more.

Boompa.com - Car/Vehicle community where users can upload their rides, create guides and share knowledge of aftermarket parts.

Windows Live - Web site to create a custom home page with widgets and RSS feeds.

Minti - Powered by Parents - Parent to Parent advice-opedia. Online parenting community.

Partyjoe - Find, announce, plan parties all online at Partyjoe.com. Send Invitations and Reminders by text message . Share Your Party Calendar. Post Pictures and Video After the Party. Allow Guests to Share Comments.

uLinkx - Social Video/Music Bookmarking - uLinkx is Social Video/Music Bookmarking service. We call it, Social Media Organizer or Social Media aggregator. On uLinkx, you can search for Google Videos, Yahoo Videos and YouTube videos and bookmark them in form of playlist. Similarly, you can search for Music and add them to playlist. You can play music playlist on your favorite music player. Once you organize your media links in form of playlist, you can start sharing it with your friends. You can discover, rate other user's playlist/media and add it to your own playlist. You can add friends or just watch other user's playlist. The main goal is to make uLinkx the social hub of the intenet media.

FlexDirectory - Group management tool

HyperSuper - Personalized "web 2.0" news aggregator

webcode.de - That is a new Web 2.0 Service on German. You can create a webcode with your content, than you get an Number. With that number you can open your Webcode with your content from everyplace of the World. So you can save at school an interesting text as a webcode and at home you can get the text over your webcode. http://www.webcode.de

Snubster - Let the world know what you're fed up with

MessengerFX - Ajax based MSN Messenger

TravBuddy - Travel Blogs & Travel Reviews - Travel blogging and travel review services. Social networking with other travelers. Complete Google Maps integration.

Linkk - News in portuguese. Like Digg

CoMagz Linkadelic Magazine - Collaborative Media 2.0 site where everyone can submit articles, news, links or write a column. Reader's votes promote the best content to the front page. It's like BoingBoing, Digg and Blogger in one place.

Feedo Style - Lets you create JavaScript widgets that display RSS and ATOM feeds on your website or blog.

Zoho Sheet - Create, work & share spreadsheets online. Allows import of Excel sheets.

Riffs - Your social recommender - Ratings, rants, raves, and reviews.

Foldera - Organize your email, IMs, documents, tasks

Wufoo - Wufoo is a web-based tool for building and hosting online forms.

Carbonmade - Carbonmade is a set of easy to use management tools to publish your design portfolio online.

SocialCookBook.com - Easy-to-use recipe website - Great recipe website that focuses on usability. It's completely user-centric.. all recipes are provided by the users. Its arch-nemesis is allrecipes.

Internet Karaoke - A **streaming internet karaoke** application wher you can search/browse over 5,000 tracks and create your own custom playlists. You can use a promo code 'lisbl' to get 5 free credits.

Elgg - A learning landscape system - users create digital identities or eportfolios (with blogs, file uploads, profiles, tagging and imported content from other sites) and then use tagging to find people and resources they might be interested in. Free, open source and designed for education.

Thumbstacks - With Thumbstacks.com, you can make presentations - like slideshows, or outlines - right in your web browser. When you're done, you can share your presentations with anyone, anywhere, just by sending them a link.

Coinlogic - Coinlogic provides bloggers, artists, musicians, authors, programmers, and anyone else with a Web presence the ability to easily generate revenue from original content.

BlockRocker.com - Geographically listed, map browseable, IP localized, fully tagable classifieds with presence awareness for Skype and AIM - and more to come!

Code Snippets - Like del.icio.us for source code. Store, share, and tag useful snippets of source code.

mobileglu - A Web 2.0 service aggreagator that mobilises existing APIs by optimising the data for the mobile and presenting it to a Java app on the phone

TrendyFriendy.com - Revenue sharing community. 50% of all ad space spreads between users.

eggkeg - AJAX + Ruby on Rails based bookmarking service. Pretty colors, nice interface. Has live search in your bookmarks. Tracks usage to allow faster access to frequently used labels/sites. Currently in Alpha stage.

RssFwd - "Reading RSS the way you are already reading your emails."

Stylehive - Visual bookmarking for the product and shopping obsessed. In addition to being very visual, it has some great features like the "sendto" tag, or the "wish list" tags.

Wincyclopedia - A wiki that let's you earn money as a writer or reader.

Toodledo - Toodledo is an easy to use, web-based to-do list. Keeping track of all your tasks will help you avoid disorganization, stay motivated and be more productive.

Flogz - "Flogz is the personal finance and investing news website where users submit stories and vote for which ones should be promoted to the main page. Think Digg for personal finance and investing news."

Litepost - Really, REALLY fast email! "Gmail meets craigslist, 37signals-style."

social surveys - you can create your own surveys - pay people to take them, or earn money if you like.

Open Web Letter - A service for individuals and organizations to freely publish and share an open letter on the web.

HomePortals - HomePortals is a free-form environment that allows you to create different kinds of web pages and web applications by combining the functionality of pre-existing components.

Inform - "... provide thousands of news sources, including blogs, video, and audio, in a convenient single interface"

PRWeb.com - The Online Visibility Engine - PRWeb is the first and largest Direct-to-Consumer PR platform on the web. It provides Search Engine Optimized press content to over 100,000 media and journalists, while also providing "social commentary" in the form of Trackbacks on press releases. Immediate, measurable results of your PR pickups and distribution.

Mayomi - Online mind mapping service

EffectiveBrand - Lets web sites create their own community toolbar for Firefox and IE. Make it amazingly easy to create a toolbar with your own content in it.

Blog Frog - Public Group Blogging, register free and post to the blog on any subject you wish.

PensieriParole - Large Italian database of quotations. Every user can contribute.

JotSpot - Free Wiki Service

Spurl - Great soical bookmark site because it has the features that are missing from some other sites, such as the ability to upload existing bookmarks, RSS feeds, great sidebar, easy synchronization using firefox extensions, caches a copy of your bookmark and more.

mailbigfile.com - Send files up to 1Gb in size to an e-mail address.

VideoSift - VideoSift puts the best videos from YouTube and GoogleVideo into a simple Digg-like interface. Good videos float too the top

Tagyu - "Tagyu is a hosted service that automates the process of creating document metadata by discovering what keywords, tags, and categories are relevant for a document."

MyFilmz - Del.icio.us for movies - social watching experience list.

Vimeo - Vimeo is an interactive way to share, watch and grab personal videos on the web.

Picture Cloud - A picture cloud is the easiest way to make a photo come to life. By using a picture cloud you can turn still photos into images that spin 360° by uploading images you take around an object with your digital camera. Whether it's houses, cars, toys, or pets, picture clouds are easy to create and can be used anywhere. Picture clouds are helping give depth to the web, and best of all - picture clouds are free.

FeedDigest - Digest RSS feeds onto your site using JavaScript, PHP, WAP, etc. Mix multiple feeds together, run search queries over feeds, and automatically update your sites.

Vyew.com - Vyew is a free, web-based collaboration site that provides a feature-rich meeting room with real-time, whiteboard functionality. Within seconds, users can start an online meeting session, where up to 20 participants can share, annotate, and save files/photos (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .pdf, etc.) in real-time. Meeting participants can also communicate via instant text chat, pull up Yahoo! Maps (where they can get traffic reports and locate places of interest) and share Google searches. Other features include 25MB of free online storage, one-click screen capture/share and session persistence.

Numbler - Numbler is a web-based spreadsheet.

Reader² - Del.icio.us for books - social reading list.

Netvouz - A social bookmarking service that uses both tags and folders (categories) to organize your bookmarks. Uses a PC-like menu system for easy navigation. Much more **application** than most other sites. Supports public and private bookmarks, RSS/HTML/JS feeds, import/export and lots of other handy features.

Flickrmap - Allows you to put a flash map of your Flickr photos on your own website. Just tag them with a city and country name.

Standpoint - "Standpoint is a place where you can share your beliefs. It's a place where you can learn about the perspectives of other people."

askeet - Social Q&A site. Open-source project based on symfony. The base of the Listible code.

Gravee - Community powered search

YackPack - YackPack is a web-based voice messaging for groups.

putfwd.com - Free online file storage and file sharing. Fresh ideas we've added to file storage include tagging (obviously ;)), social networking, file publishing (blogs, photo galleries, podcasts, etc.), and a REST API for developers.

Joyent - Joyent offers simple, powerful, web-based software that provides small teams with email, calendars, contacts, and shared applications.

Inbox.com - free 2GB webmail that includes Storage, Calendar & Tasks, and Notes. Great search capabilities and lots of skins.

Prosper - Prosper.com is a social lending platform where borrows meet lenders in an eBay style format.

MeetWithApproval.com - "Arrange a meeting or event. Work out which day is good for everyone & keep track of who is coming."

egoSurf - Finds your blog ranking in google or other search engine.

What is that file? - A ajax-enabled website which tells you what file or executable is in real-time.

Oyogi - Leading Social Q&A site

RunFatBoy.net - Exercise for the rest of us. - A simple to use, workout system. Workouts are automatically updated each day. Users can easily adjust exercise weights.

Spongecell - Online calendar with easy event creation and mobile calendar access.

ProductWiki - Wants to be the Wikipedia of product information. ProductWiki has a lot of ways consumers can collaborate about their "stuff".

MotorKen - User filtered Auto News website

CellSwapper.com: Get Out of Any Cellphone Contract - CellSwapper matches individuals who are currently locked into a cell phone contract, with those who are would jump at the prospect of a short-term contract (as low as 1 month), a free phone and no activation fees. CellSwapper.com provides an online marketplace for wireless plans and also offers some of the hottest phones at heavily discounted prices. CellSwapper takes things one step further by actually providing the online technology to make the transfer process as seamless as possible.

PushCRM - PushCRM is the web 2.0 way to manage your contacts, clients and projects and access them from any computer.

Freewebs - Free website builder

AutoBaron - THE Search Engine For Autos

Mockingboard - Collaborative Design

Loopnote - Notifications 2.0

Makidi - Wouldn't it be great if there was one simple way to find anyone for any purpose?

AirSet - Online organizer: Calendars - Contacts - Lists - Blogs - WebLinks

TailRank - "TailRank finds the best content from thousands of blogs so you don't have to!"

Backfence - a place for community news and info written by you and your neighbors.

Trulia - Real estate search and comparison engine. Web 2.0, RSS.

Rrove - Rrove is a social bookmark service for locations. Use Rrove to save addresses so you can easily revisit them. More than that, you can use Rrove to discover interesting places such as restaurants or a free wifi zone.

hngry - It's time to eat! In beta soon. Sign up for email notification when it launches.

30DayTags - A tagging website directory. People powered tags that expire in 30 days.

Hawkee Taggable Price Comparison - Taggable price comparison engine featuring more than 25 top online merchants, product tags, reviews and RSS price feeds.

NetworthIQ - NetworthIQ is a social personal finance manager. It allows you to track, share, and compare your networth.

ShoZu - "ShoZu is the simplest, quickest and smartest way to share photos, videos and text using your mobile phone"

Dave's Free iPod Guide - A comprehensive guide to getting a free iPod just to argue against all the free iPod skeptics out there. This site contains everything you want to know, including pictures of his free iPod. It also features step by step instructions, proof, and a free conga line to help you get started! Please visit http://www.davesipodguide.tk for more details! Pics of his free iPod are on it too!

Odeo - Record and Share Audio - Odeo is a creative way to record and share audioâ? and it's free.

PXN8 - Online Photo Editing

Voo2do - Create simple to-do lists that track priority, due dates, and time estimates.

Zimbra - An online collaboration suite : email, agenda, tasks, etc...

gOffice - Free Web Office Suite

Billmonk - You report bills and IOUs, we track the balance between friends.

Socialight - Socialight lets you create and discover virtual "sticky" notes called StickyShadows anywhere in the real world. Share sound, pictures, notes and more using your cell phone. StickyShadows are delivered to users in an area after being filtered by factors such as social network proximity, the userâ??s interest in the basic content, and the freshness of the content.

Zoho Planner - Personal organizer online. Supports unlimited pages, appointments, reminders & images. Create & share multiple pages of to do's, files, images, and notes with Zoho Planner.

Dutch web2.0 social bookmarking - "watvindenwijover" is currently the only Dutch web2.0 environment that combines social bookmarking with blogging.

WideWORD - Allows you to instantly create rich-text documents and collaborate with others.

paguna.com - simple and fast hotel booking on one page

MAGIX Online Photo & Video Album - "My photos & videos online!" - Easy photo & video upload - Include design, music & text within seconds - online sharing, photo prints, e-card creation and much more

Crisscross - U.S. and World news site that lets you track your goals and favorites.

Mitup - The easiest way to mess up your next meeting with friends: you'll spend all your time chatting with them in your event's page.

PodDater.com - Make a video and find your date through iPod

YubNub - Command line for the web

Zillow - Zillow.com is an online real estate service. Free, instant valuations and data for 60,000,000+ homes.

Blogmarks - Enlarge your bookmarks.

MyProgs - Del.icio.us for programs - social software list.

blinksale - Blinksale creates: * Service invoices * Time-billing invoices * Product invoices * Payment reminders * Thank-you messages

Lovento.com - Great new Web 2.0 style leisure community.

Sproutliner - think of it as a supercharged structured to-do list

theadcloud.com - Free local tagified ads on as many cities as you want

sellsius - real estate community where you can search, list and compare any type of real estate.

blummy - Quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar.

Squidoo - "Create a single web page filled with information and links that point to other web pages, to continually updated RSS feeds, or to relevant advertising."

Newsalloy - News Alloy is free service for discovering, reading, and sharing Internet news and information.

LinkCloud - *Power to the people!* A **linkCloud** will enable your users to add links to your Blog. *Web democracy!*

EditGrid - Spreadsheets on-the-web ! - Users works together and see updates in real-time. Import/export in common spreadsheet formats, html, csv. Very good permalink support!

eskobo.com - Ajas base desktop

MyStickies - Allows you to place a little yellow piece of digital paper on any website you visit. Also supports tagging.

Shopify - Shopify makes it easy for anyone to create an e-commerce site. Create your own custom design, track orders, process credit cards, all very easily.

eskobo.com - Another Ajax frontpage

Yakalike - Chat with other surfing on the same site.

Fold - Visually stunning start page with feeds, mail, calendar, notes and more. Check out the screenshots! Going into public Beta in less than two weeks.

The Black Stripe - Online photo sharing website but based on your real-life social network. Best site for sharing photos with friends, not strangers.

Pageflakes - AJAX desktop which lets you read blogs and news, use Flickr and Del.icio.us, manage contacts and tasks and much more - all from one page.

Listal - A social DVD, book, music and games collection manager.

ThinkFree Office Online - Create, edit, and store Microsoft Office compatible word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents online for free without buying any Micorosft applications. Get 30MB free storage space, save to PDF, publish documents in a blog, and insert images from Flickr. Use iCdocs (icdocs.thinkfree.com), our open API, to let your users view your documents without having to install anything.

Otavo - the intention engine - For the most part intention is what drives peopleâ??s web activity. Otavo is about pooling similar intentions and grouping resources ot the web to achieve what you set out to do on the web.

Wuraweb - Free service provider locator, where you can find credentials, prices, and more. Just needs more listings, but cool.

Upcoming.org - "Upcoming.org is a global event calendar, where all the events are added by the community."

introPLAY - Exercise community where users can (a) track workouts, (b) play in competitive exercise leagues (like fantasy sports) and (c) participate in cooperative teams.

Rollyo - Roll your own search engine. Create personal search engines using only the sources you trust. Relevant. Reliable. Rollyo. Rollyo is the fast, easy way to create personal search engines using only the sources you trust... share your searchrolls ... Firefox-plugin ... Bookmark-import ... roll it with ROLLYO!

Wayfaring - Wayfaring is a great resource for people who want to build personalized maps, and share them publically or privately.

goowy - Integrated Visual Desktop Environment with email, newsreader, calender & organizer, contacts, games and customizable widgets.

Protopage - Protopage = personalized news + sticky notes + weather + bookmarks, all on one page. Create your own free Protopage, then: * Use it to catch up with news from hundreds of sources (including the BBC, CNN, Reuters, New York Times, London Times, CNET, ESPN, ...) * Put color coded sticky notes, todo lists and reminders on it * Keep your frequently accessed bookmarks on it * Name it (e.g. as www.protopage.com/yourname) * Share parts of your page with friends, or keep it private * Set it as your browser 'start page' for easy access

Standpoint - Share your beliefs with the world.

Typolis - blogging 2.0 - tags, groups, subscriptions, rss - more features to come

Bloglines - Rss reader best ever

SuprGlu - Gathers your content from web services such as Del.icio.us, Flickr, Digg, Blogger, and 43 Things into one page.

Findory - "Our personalization technology builds a homepage for each reader, recommending content based on what they've read and what new content is being published. We crawl through thousands of news and blogs articles so you don't have to."

Measure Map - Measure Map provides free, easy stats for your blog. Measure Map helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world. Easily navigate the numbers that matter. Track links to see who sends you traffic. Find out what people do at your site. Setup is a breeze â? it only takes a minute.

Kiko - A New Kind of Online Calendar - Another online calendar.

43 Things - You can write down your goals; See how're other achieved the similar goals; and you can share your experience and progress with other which you both want to do.

Online spell checking - Oragnoo Spellcheck is very simple online spell checker that supports 11 languages. It's AJAX based and is powered by Google spell checker. **The code is free** (LGPL'ed).

CoComment - Track and share your Blog commnets!

Peekko Chat - Why surf the web alone? Peekko chat is a Firefox extension that allows you to chat with other people looking at the same web site(s) as you. Its design is simplistic, but its simply ingenius. There's also some beta online translation features available

JotForm - What is jotForm jotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. What Can I do with jotForm # Design forms to use somewhere else. # Design your forms and let us collect the data for you as well. Is there any charges for this service? During the beta period, it is completely free.

Furl - Another social bookmarking service

HipCal - A full-featured personal calendar and planning web application.

Google Reader - Ajax RSS reader by Google

Wink - Wink is a search engine powered by users. You tag the best links in search results or you use their bookmarklet to tag any page you visit on the Web. This lets you find those pages again, and it improves the search for the next user. You can also import your del.icio.us tags. Results seem quite relevant and current - especially when you want to know what other people think is the best source on a topic. Kind of like the Digg of search.

NewsVine - Aside from being the friendliest place to read your news, Newsvine is also a great place to write. Sign up for a free account and you'll have your own column within seconds. Want to write about a popular subject like the NFL, The Supreme Court, or mobile phones? Go ahead. How about a lesser known subject like your kid's little league team? Not a problem. As long as you "tag" your articles correctly, they will automatically show up in the appropriate section on Newsvine.

LinkedIn - "LinkedIn is an online network of more than 4.8 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 130 industries."

Staralicious - Staralicious is a user centred celebrity news website.

Fleck.com -Web Democracy- - Fleck is: patent pending, world changing, paradigm shifting and user experience enhancing technology. Tagging, search, blog, AJAX and social networking, every WEB2.0 hype is covered. At least tha's what they say...

CalendarHub - Web calendars with support for multiple calendars, sharing, publishing, RSS, iCal import and export, and more.

Ma.gnolia -

Ping.it - Ping.it is the world's largest suggestion box. The software allows anybody to create topics and post suggestions to those topics - from George Bush to the iPod Nano.

Remember the Milk - "Managing to-do lists is generally not a fun way to spend your time. We created Remember The Milk so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand."

Backpack - "Backpack makes it easy to flesh out your ideas... You can add free-form text, to-dos, notes, photos, files... You can share pages with other people and set email and mobile phone reminders so you don't forget."

BlinkList - "BlinkList is Social Bookmarking merged with People Powered Search and Expert Recommendations... all wrapped in an elegant interface"

Ta-da Lists - "Ta-da List makes list making and tracking easy. And, since it's web-based, you can make a list at work and still get to it at home or anywhere else you have a computer or internet access (even on a mobile phone)."

Streamload MediaMax - Streamload MediaMax is a single online service that allows users to easily and securely store, organize, access, and share all their digital media files.

Basecamp - "Basecamp is a unique project collaboration tool. Projects don't fail from a lack of charts, graphs, or reports, they fail from a lack of communication and collaboration. Basecamp makes it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects."

Writeboard - "Whiteboards are sharable, web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. Use Writeboard to write solo or collaborate with others."



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